Create & Cultivate Pop-Up Event

Create and Cultivate is a conference that happens several times a year. All attendees are female and the panels are successful women entrepreneurs. They are usually a day long but I got the chance to attend their pop-up evening event in LA at the Beverly Hills Marriot. This was a super fun night of listening to female entrepreneurs who specialized in lifestyle and travel blogging. The panel consisted of women who have broken barriers by going out and carving their own way in unique avenues.

The evening was broken into two panels. The first was about travel and building a business around travel. The second was about taking your idea and making a life around it.

Key takeaways from the evening –

Ask for what you want. Don’t be afraid to do what others aren’t willing to do and be what you want to be.

Use your marketable social media skills to appeal to the older generations that don’t have the social media savvy that millennials do.

Take risks for your business. Drea Sobieski of Elsewhere told the story of how she charged a trip to Morocco on her credit card. As scary as that was, it was a seminal trip and helped launch her travel related business.

Put yourself out there in front of the brands you want to work with. Approach them with the mindset that you are coming to help them, not what can you get from working with them.

Find your community of like-minded people online. Market to them since they are in your niche. Gift items to influencers that would be likely to feature your product.

Trust your gut and keep going. You are almost there. Don’t give up when you might think you can’t keep going because success might be just around the corner!

The next Create and Cultivate is happening in October in Atlanta. Get your tickets here – Create & Cultivate Atlanta.

IMG_8147.JPGJacey Duprie, who is the mastermind behind the blog, Damsel in Dior, explains how she got started.IMG_8160.JPGEpic goodie bags are always a good thing! This on included Kevin Murphy Shampoo/Conditioner, Eva NYC dry shampoo, a Gorgana necklace, Lorac highlighter, Foreo face cleanser tool, Yes to Coconuts makeup wipes, insulated waterbottle, a DIY Flower crown and amazing promos for beGlammed, Away, and Beyond Yoga.

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